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I was beginning to regret my decision to go to NYC for two days before my SF trip.  I was thinking, “What can I really do for only 2 days?  Have I just wasted money and created two more plane flights for myself just to barely hang out with Jenny?”  But I should have known, with Jenny and me we weren’t going to waste time.  We already have plans to see 2 Broadway shows and do a climb that let’s us have a great view of the city.  I am excited again!  (Idina live.  Yesss.)

I would like Martin Scorsese to be interested in a female character once in a while, but I don’t know if I’ll live that long. — Meryl Streep pulling weeds (via teslatarasov)

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Friendly reminder that Sarah Paulson moved Tatiana Maslany’s name card so they could sit next to each other.

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I did a lot of research and it’s a subject that’s really important to me,” Tatiana said, tears forming in her eyes. “Yeah, it just means a lot to me that we could tell that story. And you know, I’m not a trans actor so there is a political sort of situation there and it’s not the most ideal, but what our show does is it explores identity. And what better way to explore it than through a trans male? We don’t see trans men on screen very often at all. And, you know, the best thing for me was when we heard the response to Tony, which was very polarized. But the best thing about it is it opens up a debate, and it opens up a discussion, and it makes the subject relevant and important and present in people’s thoughts, regardless of how they felt about Tony, whether they felt represented, whether they didn’t understand—whatever it is, these stories need to be told and we need to talk about trans stories and we need to have them represented to the point where it’s just, it’s just a given and it’s not exceptional anymore and trans actors get to step up and play these parts as well in the same way cisgender people have been doing it for a while. I felt a responsibility but I felt a large amount of gratitude and—”

“Joy?” co-star Maria Doyle Kennedy offered.

“Fuck yeah, joy!” Tatiana said. “Totally.

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Sophie Turner & Maisie Williams at the Entertainment Weekly Comic Con Party Photobooth.

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For all the attention your scenes with Michael Sheen get, it seems like the ones you share with Julianne Nicholson (Dr. Lillian DePaul) are every bit as crucial to the show’s success too. Does the relationship between Virginia and Lillian deepen even more this season?

Lizzy Caplan: That is one of my very, very favourite parts of the first season, but especially the second season. It truly is a testament to the strength of our writers and honestly, the fact that our writers are primarily women. And our show creator is a woman. The care given to developing this female friendship, which we refer to as a love story, it’s a friendship, but it truly is crafted as a love story.

It’s so complex and nuanced and they go through as many ups and downs in their relationship as Virginia goes through with Bill. I think it’s a very, very important story to tell and you see these two women really fall in love with each other and really hold each other up in a way that I don’t think is represented as much as it should be on other television shows.

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